Instructions for e-Poster presenters

Instructions for e-Poster presenters

In case your abstract has been accepted for e-Poster presentation and you have completed your Conference registration in due time, now you need to prepare and upload your e-Poster. You will receive an email with a dedicated link to upload your e-Poster.

Please find the technical instructions on how to prepare your e-Poster below.

Instructions for the Preparation of e-Posters

Deadline: 15 October 2020

Please submit your e-Poster as 1-page in portrait orientation. You may use a template that can be downloaded here.

  • Language: All e-Posters should be prepared in English.
  • File format: .pptx only
  • File title: Do not use any special characters and symbols for the title of your .pptx file (e.g. «, Ö, Ø, ñ, ε, ®, ý, */-&$%#@ etc.)
  • e-Poster size in pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height – portrait orientation
  • e-Poster size in cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height – portrait orientation
  • Font size: ≥16

Hyperlinks, animated images and animations are not permitted for e-Posters and will be non-functioning.

e-Poster abstracts will be available in the virtual platform at all times for the participants during the event and for 3 months after the Conference.